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Do you need mortgage financing to purchase a property because you have not sold your existing property? Look no further than Mortgage Assist!

Bridge loans are typically utilized by individuals when they have signed an Agreement of Purchase and Sale to buy a property and have not sold their existing property yet. They were relying on the funds that were going to be received from their sale to contribute to their purchase.

In order to avoid losing their deposit and being sued for defaulting on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, individuals have sought out bridge loans from Mortgage Assist in order to obtain sufficient funds to close their purchase while they wait for their sale transaction to close.

If you are in a similar situation to the above predicament, contact Mortgage Assist today!

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  • Bridge loan Toronto

    Pay off property tax arrears

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    Raise capital for a business venture

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    Vacations and retirement

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    Purchase another property

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    Home Renovations

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    Pay off income tax arrears

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    Bridge loan Toronto

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